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Festival, world record and the title of “Guinness World Records”
The main goal is achieved!

“7 KRASOK” is honored with the title “Guinness World Records”
The world record was established in the presence of the adjudicator Mrs. Kristy Jane Bennet from London: massage mats were directed towards the saint mountain Agung – this means 170 degrees in the south-east direction from Moscow. The rain stopped unexpectedly and we began the rise to the record. 514 massage-masters and participants of the record performed synchronously Thai yoga-massage “Harmonious body” with the length of 1 hour. The record was stated at 6.47 p.m.
The festival “7 KRASOK – Mysterious Asia” was a success!
7 215 guests of the festival can confirm this fact.
Impressions, photos and videos you may find in our social networks.
We thank our partners for their support, and we thank our Мasters and participants of the record for belief in themselves!
We also thank members of the company for their hard work and team victory!
And we thank You, Guests of the festival, for Your choice and collective jolly celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary.
With love,


According the Guinness World Records news By BY KIRSTY BENNETT Published July 23, 2013:

"Masters of Thai massage from Bali, Indonesia and Russia all put their hands to the test to break a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record title for the Largest Massage Lesson earlier this month. Participants soothed their models as part of the record breaking event held in Moscow's Park of Art “Muzeon” organised by massage company 7KRASOK.

A total of 257 masters took part in the one hour lesson which was instructed by Thai Massage Master Ms Thanwimol Lamoolmorn.

Under the rules for the record, the instructors and the pupils taught had to remain the same throughout the lesson -if one dropped out, they could not be counted, while the instructors needed to be certified, experienced massage therapists teaching recognised techniques..."

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7/07 – the festival “7 KRASOK – MISTERIOUS ASIA”

The main event of the festival – the establishment of the record under the notion of “The largest massage lesson” with the participation of the official adjudicator from London GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.
“When blows the wind of changes, some people build walls, other people – windmills”
CONFUCIUS (551-479 B.C.)
We prefer windmills.
That is why on the 10th anniversary of the company we decided to achieve grandiose goals – to organize the festival “7 KRASOK”, to establish the world record, to enter the Guinness World Records, to be glad to see the company’s friends and simply to present our guests a good summer holiday with the possibility of a great family recreation in a Moscow park in the centre of the capital.

“Happiness means that you are understood, great happiness means that you are loved and pure happiness means that you love!”

CONFUCIUS (551-479 B.C.)


7 reasons to visit us

Unique services: Traditional Thai-massage – the legend of the East – performed by certificated Experts from Thailand, graduates of the famous center of traditional Thai medicine at the Wat Pho temple. Moreover, since 2006 we provide real Bali-massage performed by SPA-therapeutics from Bali.

Everything is authentic: native people of Thailand and Bali – real specialists, real massage and SPA-treatments – real Eastern rituals: beginning from the prayer for your health, natural orchids, delivered by plane from Bangkok ending with a cup of specific tea at the end of Thai- and Bali-massage.

Calm atmosphere: inimitable Eastern hospitality, personnel’s courtesy, famous Thai smiles and Bali affability, soft light, relaxing music, light eastern aromas. Transcendent aura created from many components.

We appreciate your individuality and place priority on a personal approach to every client. You can count on an attentive treatment, a choice of a master, who will perfectly match to you by your personality, a personal high-class training, a composition of individual health-improving programs based on Thai- and Bali-massage.

Original gifts: if you wish to give an extraordinary gift to your family and friends or to your business partner you can order from us a beautiful GIFT CERTIFICATE, INVITATION TICKET OR “7 KRASOK” GIFT CARD – “ORCHID”, “LOTUS”, “HALFS”, “LUXURY”… This gift will be unforgettable.

Advantages of  our locations: we strive to be as close as possible to our clients also geographically. You can choose the most convenient SPA-salon (learn more in “Locations”) including twenty-four-hour salons, where work our THAI and BALI specialists. We appreciate your time and we understand that you might get stuck in a traffic jam. We also understand that one wants to get a massage “here and now”, therefore we are hiring more and more Masters and the company does its best so that just for you there will always be place and time in Masters’ timetable (sometimes RESERVATION or WAITLIST may come to your help). 

The seventh reason to visit us consists in the number seven itself. Symbolically number seven embodies the unity of energies. Positive characteristics and the power of number seven were know from ancient times. Number seven with its magical qualities sustains the essence of existence, determines life-style and influences even gods – as Hippocrates stated.
According to Kundalini-Yoga there are 7 energy centers along the spine, connection points between body and mind called chakras. Chakras correspond to 7 most important aspects of our life: survival, sexuality, power, love, communication, imagination and spirituality. Keep in touch with number seven – as well as with “7 KRASOK” – this is the way to harmony and luck!

About the phenomenon of the passing of time during Thai-massage

Practising Thai-massage since 2003 we have always been wondering at one mysterious phenomenon: a specific passing of time during some massages.
While having a long massage performed by experienced Thai- and Bali-Masters you can lose a sense of time at some moment. And you will not notice how much time has passed - one or two hours. Body and consciousness are “here”, thoughts are incredibly clear. But you feel something more…
This may be described as a feeling of hover, calm, comfort, safety… The main change in your sense is that the time goes differently; it stands still and envelopes you…
And if you manage to seize these moments you will get an unforgettable emotional impression.
Those people who jumped from height, dived, went on dangerous rides or got in a stress situation, know about an inexplicable different passing of time. It’s just amazing that a calm and safe ethnic relax-program gives sometimes the same feeling in time perception. Numerous evidences of other people who had Thai massage, starting from French diplomat Simon de la Lubero (in 1690), speak about the same thing: during Thai massage time glides (or goes different).
The reader of these lines has the right to ask: “And what results from this? How can I use this knowledge?” The phenomenon cannot be explained rationally. Perhaps you shouldn’t understand it and just try.
And it will be your personal experience in relationships with the most sophisticated and mysterious substance – The Time.

We wish you a pleasant flight!


“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali (1931)

“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali (1931)


 “Western” and “eastern” understanding of Time

The view of different civilizations: “young” and “mature”

The sign of infinity belongs to Tibetan Buddhism. This is the symbol of energy balance needed to a human for healthy and happy life. Philosophically the symbol means aspiration for knowledge of the secret of immortality, eternal youth and beauty.

The symbol of infinity, 580 B.C.